Type of Survey

Pre Purchase/Condition Surveys:

Buying a new boat? Selling your boat and want to find and correct problems before listing? The Pre-Purchase survey is a comprehensively detailed report of the entire vessel and its systems using non-destructive tools and methods. Having a professional marine survey performed on a boat before you purchase it will give you the information you need to make an informed decision about purchase and pricing, as well as providing you with peace of mind about the vessel.

Insurance Surveys:

The Insurance survey focuses on the structural integrity and safety of the boat. High-risk areas such as through hull fittings, fuel, ventilation, exhaust and steering will be reported on. An assessment will be made of the boats suitability for its intended use.

Insurance Loss/Damage Surveys:

Generally conducted on behalf of an insurance company for boats that have sustained damage. The report will give a detailed description of the damage, recommend repairs and assess the cost of repair. If requested, the report will include an investigation into the probable cause of the damage.

Valuation Surveys:

The valuation survey aims to gather enough information to determine the fair market value of the boat. This survey is normally required for financing, estate settlement and legal cases. The overall condition, including general maintenance, onboard equipment and similar vessel selling price is considered. The geographical region and the current economy are also taken into account.

Rigging Surveys:

The rigging is visually inspected from deck level. Since most of the moving parts and the most corrosive effects of salt water occur at this level, the most serious problems are likely to be observable during this inspection.  Ocean Ireland surveyors are willing to go aloft but will charge an additional fee for the service, and require advance notice that the buyer wishes the extra service. Be sure you discuss the details with your surveyor prior to engaging his services, to ensure that his services coincide with your expectations of what will be inspected and how. The mast can be unstepped to allow for a more complete and thorough inspection without the surveyor going aloft, but this is rarely done.

Sail Inspection:

Sails will be inspected as part of the pre-purchase/condition survey. If a sea trial is conducted, the surveyor can inspect a mainsail and a roller-furled jib when they are set out for sailing. For racing or cruising sailboats with many different expensive sails, the sails can be inspected separately in a sail loft.

Sea Trials:

A Sea Trial is highly recommended as part of a pre-purchase survey. The sea trial will demonstrate the handling characteristics of the boat. It will provide valuable information on the boat’s operating systems; engines, cooling, transmission, steering and instrument operation.

Pre-Season Check-Up:

During the off-season, your boat can deteriorate due to inactivity. Our pre-season check-up will identify any problems that need to be rectified, to ensure that the boat is in optimal condition for the opening of the new season.

Walk-Through or Once-Over Survey

This type of survey aims to give a general overview of the overall condition of the boat. The survey gives the potential buyer an objective opinion of the boat or of a specific component or to inspect a previous repair. The surveyor can represent the buyer by looking over several similar boats and reporting in a common manner such that an easy comparison can be made.