Once-Over Vessel Survey

Are you thinking of buying a particular vessel but don’t want to commit to a full survey?

Do you perhaps want another professional opinion of a vessel that attracts you?

If so, you should certainly contact us for our once-over vessel survey.

Ocean Ireland will gladly do a once-over vessel survey for our clients. A once-over survey can be defined as a quick examination or appraisal, an informal survey to help a potential buyer to decide whether to proceed with the purchase of a vessel. We give you a verbal report with supporting photographs.

Advantages of a once-over survey:

  • An unbiased, impartial, professional opinion of the vessels condition.
  • Cost: a fraction of the cost of a full survey.
  • Facilitates peace of mind without having to spend a lot of money.
  • The once-over survey can be discounted against a full pre-purchase or insurance survey should you wish to follow through.

Contact us now if you are thinking of buying a boat. We have helped many clients with our advise.

The cost of hiring Ocean Ireland is generally saved many times over by our advice.