Who do we deliver for?

Ocean Ireland delivers yachts and powerboats for private owners, brokers, charter companies and boat builders.

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Where do we deliver?

Anywhere… Oceanwide….Worldwide & Local.

What kind of experience do we have?

Extensive… Ocean Ireland skippers have been delivering vessels oceanwide for over 25 years.

Can the owner come on the delivery?

Of course… Owners are most welcome to come along on the delivery. It could be a very useful experience for an owner, particularly for a new owner to clock up sea miles in the company of experienced ocean sailors.

What qualifications do we have?

Ocean Ireland skippers have Yachtmaster or USCG recognised certification. They also have many thousands of miles of ocean going experience.

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Does the boat require insurance for the trip?

Yes… Insurance is required for the voyage. It is recommended that you notify your insurance company if the boat is leaving its normal operating area. We require that a copy of the insurance policy is on the boat.

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How much does a delivery cost?

It Varies…
Generally speaking, the price is worked out at a rate per mile (nm). Typically between €3 and €5 per mile. In some cases an agreed daily rate is used. It depends on the vessel, and the designated route. Additional expenses include transportation / travel of crew and necessary vessel expenses such as marina fees, fuel and transit fees.

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What can I expect for my money?

  • Excellent Service…
  • A Professional crew.
  • We handle all arrangements required for crew travel.
  • A pre-departure inspection of the vessel and its systems.
  • We provision the vessel for the delivery, fill all fuel and water tanks, and secure all loose equipment for sea.
  • We provide all navigational charts and pilots for you if they are not already on board.
  • We complete all relevant customs and immigration paperwork for vessels going to foreign ports.
  • A log of the voyage for your records.
  • We keep an accurate accounting and provide receipts that detail all expenses incurred during the delivery.
  • Your yacht or boat delivered to its port of destination, clean and ready for you to use.
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What are the payment arrangements?

50% of the delivery fee, plus all estimated expenses in advance.
50% balance of delivery fee due on arrival at destination
An accurate accounting of all costs including receipts will be provided.